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About My Terms & Conditions
Contract - Both myself and parent's are required by law and in accordance with the CIW guidelines, to sign a legally binding contract. The contract stipulates the terms and conditions of services provided, including emergency procedures, payments etc. As a member of PACEY I am provided with a sample contract, which is then agreed between both myself and parent's. The contract is reviewed on a regular basis to give both parties an opportunity to discuss any aspects which may require changing.
Invoices - Invoices are prepared a week in advance of the date they are payable.  The invoices detail the contracted hours and any additional hours of care since the previous invoice and will show all applicable fee rates together with a total amount payable. Late payments will be charged at a rate of £5 per day. Any extra hours worked over or above the contractual agreement, late payment fees and any other additional charges incurred during the following month will be added to the next invoice. Likewise, if I have been unable to care for the child during the contracted hours, this will be deducted from the next invoice. Please note that there is no deduction made if children are collected early or holidays are taken outside the agreed 4 weeks notice period.
Payment - All fees are payable in advance, either, weekly or monthly. I accept cash, cheque or bank transfer and I am also able to accommodate those parents whose employer offer child care vouchers. Bank transfers and cheques are to be paid five days before payment is due to ensure payments clear. Fees are calculated daily and are rounded up to the nearest half an hour. Fees required for outings will be advised as and when consent forms are issued, and are payable before the day of the outing. If parents wish to collect their child early, the full amount for that day is still payable.
Notice Period - Other than the four weeks settling in period, I require six weeks notice to change or terminate a contract.  I will, in turn give parents six weeks notice to change or terminate a contract. Fixed term contracts are payable until the end of the term regardless of whether the child stops attending the setting.  If payments are continually late/returned by the bank, or if children are collected from school/playgroups etc by parents or someone else without my prior knowledge, or if I am (or my children are) verbally or physically abused by a parent or child, then I reserve the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and without notice.
Deposit - Parents who wish to book my services are required to pay a months deposit in advance of their child's start date, this is to ensure that their place is guaranteed. This deposit will be deducted from the first months fees and is non-refundable if the place is not taken up.  If a deposit is not made then parents need to be aware that their child's place cannot be held indefinitely and may be given to someone else in the meantime.
Retainer Fee - A retainer fee (half the normal childminding fee) is payable when a child's place is being reserved for future use. This fee is not a credit against future childminding services and is non-refundable if the placement is not taken up.
Additional Information - Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for fun, but potentially messy activities! I obviously provide bibs/aprons, however, children being children will inevitably end up mucky and clothes may get stained in the process.  Lots of the activities we do may involve being outside, so I would again say that there is a possibility that children may get wet or dirty and therefore all children will need to have a spare set of clothes to be left at the setting.  Babies and potty training toddlers will need more changes of clothing.
I would also ask that children are dressed weather appropriate, hats/scarves/gloves/wellies for cold/wet weather and sun block/sun hat for warmer weather. Please ensure that your child has a coat/jacket regardless of fine weather, as we all know how quickly the weather can change!
If there are bad weather warnings, for example heavy snow and the local schools are closed, then I would expect you to pay for your child's place. Equally, if the schools are open but you choose not to send your child, then the normal fee is still applicable. This applies to full-time/part-time and after school care places.
Should your child have any allergies/intolerances/conditions please ensure that I am made aware of these so I may be able to support any specific requirements. 
During the four week 'settling-in' period, either party may terminate the agreement without giving a reason or any notice. This provides the opportunity for either party to satisfy themselves that the child is settling in to the new environment and fitting in well with the other children.  
If you are going to provide your child with a packed lunch please can you ensure that they are not sent in with fizzy drinks or sweets, as we promote healthy eating in our setting.
For babies, I ask that parents supply all formula/expressed milk and bottles.  I provide wipes and nappy sacks, however I do ask that parents provide nappies/training pants for their child. If a dummy is used, please also provide a spare. 
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